It is All About LOVE

Love? Does anyone truly understand what love is? Many people, me included, get swept over on the slightest hint of love. We toy with our feelings, tricking ourself into believing that we have finally found the ‘one’ and then realizing weeks later that he’s actually the ‘one’ not meant for you. Trapped in this vicious cycle of searching and breaking-up for love, did we gain experience from it or have we lost ourselves in this mess?

Love, something so simple, can be appallingly complicated.

I believe that we get addicted to romance, and not love. Love is about responsibility; it’s about putting 2 people’s opinions into perspective; it’s about sharing one’s joy and sorrow; it’s about conquering difficulties, come what may. We often find ourselves in quick relationships because we never really make an effort to make it work. There’s a chance of love in front of you and you grab it, not caring about the consequences that might arrive. Isn’t that selfish? A relationship is never just about you, it’s about 2 people. And when a relationship fails, it’s not just about you but about the other party getting hurt as well.

However, don’t they say that love is selfish? It is, of course, in a way. But love – true love, isn’t.

We hop from one partner to the next, searching for happiness, even as fleeting as it might be. We want our partners to be sweet, be nice, be rich, be cute, be supportive, be everything that you expect them to be. Well, that’s not love. That’s romance. But after the facade has peeled off, when everything is not as perfect as it is, and two people are still together, then that’s the start of love. That’s where sacrifices come into play, and a consistent effort to make things work.

Love is never perfect. It’s about trying to make things perfect.

But because we are often so deluded into finding the right one, we send out wrong signals to everyone, hoping upon hope that maybe someone would fall in love with you. And we bask in the love that we receive. For the sake of love, we let selfishness and temptations get the better of us. Has love consumed us till such an extent? I hope not.

Don’t go looking for love, but rather let love come in. And whenever a relationship fails, have some time to think about what went wrong, before getting together with someone else again. If not, have you truly understood what you want? Would you fall for the same mistake twice?

And definitely, what would the other party feel?

Of course it’s a full circle. It always is, always has been. Only when you try to sincerely break away from it, understand what you truly want, then can you set a straight path towards the destiny you desire.

Have you loved before?

Have you truly loved before?


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