I am fortunate to have a nice piece quiet birthday this year. No surprise party, not even a dinner. It was a peaceful day with solemn ambiance. I slept at 1 am and my husband insisted to greet me at 00.00. Totally not my expectation as I was born at 05.30 am. However, we suppose to stop being rigid about time at this age right ? Yea right.

I woke up early in the morning as I need to go to my office in Permata Hijau. Fed my pets, get dressed, sent daily report to client. Google Doodle really made me smile and my husband wrote a post about this :

vivi ultah 2

I rode my motorbike to Jakarta at 11 am although my meeting held at 2 PM. Well I need to prepare myself for the worst case of traffic jam right.. However, it seems the universe celebrated my solitude. The traffic was fine, the sky was bright. I was grateful it was not a rainy day like one day before. It took only 45 minutes from Depok to Permata Hijau and it was perfect time for me as I could have my aloof lunch. I parked my motorbike, chose Coffee Bean and made these orders :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Great food and warm coffee. Done with the meeting, I was dwelling in sadness as one of my kittens was sick. It is never easy to cope with this situation and it has been my third birthday to be in emotional turbulence. However, I never able to choose my own life scene like in my childhood book. I went home and my husband gave me a flower :

20150203193637It is a bouquet of LED flowers. Such an innovative one, as he gave 27 flowers when I was 27. At night I was thinking to give myself a birthday gift : a knee length gown. I spent hours for browsing and looking for fabric materials. Everything was well prepared until the time of purchasing : My internet banking was blocked today with only 110,000 rupiah in it. Not enough money to buy the fabrics as the first step before I go to a tailor. Another story of waiting God’s timing (not mine).

Birthday Wish List (beside Bettina Shoes I keep staring on Zalora) :

lime crime beautiful rocket make over HI-MATTE LIPSTICK tile cornelly pasleyIn making this wish list, I keep thinking and asking myself whether I need all of these stuffs or not. make priority. Reduce, reuse, recycle.. everything I do to be wise shopper

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